This is me, Amber Lovell Boone, better known as Pure Surplus.

I am quite aware that most bios are traditionally written in the third person. However, that seems too impersonal for my taste. Humor me?

Some say social media management is an art. Others argue that it's a science. For me, it is simply a way of life.

Like it or not, social media now completely dominates our lives. It's how we keep track of old friends, make new ones, connect with potential employers, plan vacations, find crafts and recipes, decide which products to buy or pass up, and even where to go eat dinner tonight.

Originally from Texas but currently residing in North Carolina, I am a dedicated wife and mother consumed with helping others improve their digital footprint.

As an early-adopter, I genuinely enjoy pioneering the ever-changing frontier of social media and dissecting how it effects us and our relationships with others. 

Whether you are an individual, major brand or small business, I can help you engage with your target audience and strengthen the online presence of your company.

Tweeting since April of 2008, I look forward to helping you better understand the wonderful world of 140 characters. 

I also offer services for other popular sites such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest. No platform is off limits.

My goal is to think like the consumer. It is important to experience a sense of loyalty, personally and professionally, and believe that your voice is truly being heard. 

Choose to embrace public opinion in a positive way. Online inactivity is bad for business and can destroy everything you've worked so hard to build.

I look forward to helping you discover what social media can do for you!