Wednesday, August 15

Real World Influence

If you haven't already heard, Klout has changed once again. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you should go sign up immediately!

Every time they improve the site, I can't help but wonder if it's just so we'll all remember to go check our score. Actually, they work very hard to keep up with trend indicators, transparency and the ever changing facade of social media.

You can check out a detailed description of all the new & upcoming changes on their blog.

Discover more about your new score here.

Tuesday, August 7

7 Habits of Highly Effective Geek Girls

Geek Girl Reviews recently asked me what being a geek girl means to me. The question wasn’t quite as easy to answer as I thought it would be. What is a geek girl? Am I a geek girl? Have I always been a geek girl? The mind reels.

The true definition of a geek girl seems to differ greatly according to the answering party. Traditional terminology has somehow morphed over the years. Being a geek, nerd, dork or dweeb is no longer an insult but a hip compliment, and geek style has gone main-stream. For the record, it wasn’t always cool to be a geek.

I’d like to think that I was born a geek girl. Raised by an aerospace engineer, my father greatly influenced and cultivated my profound adoration of all that is geek. To be brutally honest, I was much more of a Penny than an Amy than I’d like to admit. That’s right. I was the pretty slut destined for geek-dom.

While contemplating geek girlishness, I decided to easily break it down for all the pseudo-geek girls.

Here are the seven habits of highly effective geek girls:

1. Proactively obsessed with math and/or science.
2. Overtly mission-minded and creatively imaginative.
3. Always first to adopt new gadgetry and technology.
4. Sometimes thinks in another (programming) language.
5. Analytically communicative, especially when gaming.
6. Divergent thinker with an adventurous spirit.
7. Consistently redefines the term, geek girl.

Most of all, geek girls are world-renowned for their unconventional beauty. You will also be able to find this guest post on Geek Girl Reviews, and I would love to have some feedback. Please, comment and share. Geek girls, unite!

Tuesday, July 24

A New Chapter

Last night, I decided to re-purpose this old blog. Actually, it was in the wee hours of the morning.

My best brain-storming is almost always done after midnight.

After many years of working for peanuts and volunteering my services for free, I decided it was time to officially go out on my own.

It's been on my heart for quite some time, but last night something inside me just clicked. What do I have to lose? Nothing.

I sincerely appreciate all my followers that have remained faithful over the years.

Welcome to my new chapter. Cheers!